Tell a friend about Chiropractic

How do people learn about chiropractic? Some read an article about it in a magazine, see it featured in a program on television, or encounter it while surfing the Internet. Yet, most people hear stories about chiropractic successes from friends or family -- those who know first hand that there is a natural way to help the body heal itself without drugs or surgery.

Who to Tell

Chances are, after you've received chiropractic adjustments for a while, you'll realize how much better you feel. If you're like most patients, you'll want to share the news of chiropractic.

In fact, if you know someone who has been having health problems, you'll probably want to suggest chiropractic right away. There may be no need for that person to continue taking drugs or risk surgery if chiropractic adjustments can help.

Of course, chiropractic care isn't just for those who feel sick or show symptoms. Even people who appear to be in perfect health need to have spinal checkups. Subluxations can exist without any outward signs at all. If they are allowed to continue to interfere with normal nerve flow, they can cause serious damage to internal organs and functions -- and the person won't even know it until it's too late. That's why subluxations are called "the silent killer."

Telling all your friends -- those who are having health problems and those who seem healthy -- is one of the best things you can do for them.

Explaining Chiropractic

Even though you're anxious to help your friends by telling them about chiropractic, you have to be careful how you explain it. Telling them that your doctor "cured" your headaches or is "treating" your sinus condition will give them the wrong impression about chiropractic.

After all, doctors of chiropractic don't approach health care like medical doctors. They don't try to label specific ailments or deal with symptom relief. Instead, they direct their energy to finding and correcting the root cause of bodily dis-ease: the subluxation.

When the interference is removed, the body itself will be better able to use its natural healing powers to take care of the ailments and their accompanying symptoms.

Shattering the Myths

Occasionally, you'll come across someone who doesn't know anything about chiropractors and what they do who says, "Oh, they're just quacks. My M.D. told me to stay away from them."

Unfortunately, many people still believe old horror stories about chiropractic, most of which were started by the American Medical Association (AMA) several decades ago. At that time, more and more people were beginning to visit chiropractors. In a desperate attempt to eliminate the competition, the AMA began an aggressive campaign of lies and misinformation.

Then, in the late 1970s, a group of chiropractors sued the AMA and several other medical organizations. They charged them with deliberately lying in order to destroy chiropractic because it was seen as "competition" for health care dollars.

The court agreed with the chiropractors and called the AMA's actions "lawless" and unfounded. The case was eventually heard in the United States Supreme Court -- where the original verdict against the AMA was upheld!

Still, as unbelievable as it may seem, some of the old myths remain. If you know the facts about chiropractic, however, it will be easy for you to get others to see the truth -- and try chiropractic for themselves.