Diathermy (Autotherm) Therapy | Physiotherapy

How does it work?

Unlike a heat lamp, the diathermy (Auto) energy field passes through the softer tissues near the surface of the body, turning into heat when reaching the more dense tissues below the surface. This increases blood circulation and can help speed the healing process

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - In the natural sciences, the term diathermy means "electrically induced heat" and is commonly used for muscle relaxation. It is also a method of heating tissue electromagnetically or ultrasonically for therapeutic purposes in medicine

Benefits of DiathermyDiathermy - DR EDGAR ROMO

  • Can help speed the healing process
  • Dilates blood vessels for improved circulation
  • Stimulates white blood cell production
  • Helps prevent and soften old adhesions and scar tissue in soft tissue and jointsBreaks up mucus in sinus tract

What will it feel like?

It should feel pleasantly warm, NOT hot